Be on Alert to the Following Auction Scam Sites: March, 2011 Report

The following auction scam site(s) listed below have received multiple scam reports and complaints from consumers who failed to receive what the site owner(s) claimed to offer within their advertising.

Note: We can not and do not side with either party (complaint filer and/or site owners) but are simply keeping our readers informed by passing along what is being filed with various online fraud agencies. Auctions Boats?

This scam site isn't found on Google's sponsored (paid search) listings but Yahoo includes it. If you type in "boat auctions" or "repo boats" in Yahoo search you will find using a disguised domain name or You will find this in the Yahoo paid listings. It's real domain is

The site attempts to front itself as a repo 'boat auctions' site but once you join it merely points you to

We reviewed the site by paying the membership fee of $24.99. But prior to signing up, we pre-selected a boat from their selection menu awaited the 'database search'. We selected a 1955 Repo Sea Ray in California......and what do ya know! It was found!? That's miracle.

(Especially considering Sea Ray the company was not even founded until 1959, four years later!)

In our opinion the advertising claims are indeed fraudulent compared to information provided. Of course no such Sea Ray was actually for auction. The site owner was unable to be contacted since no means of contact or support are available on their website.

Other claims from and have numerous claims from customers who have referenced the same as simply an auction scam that left them disappointed and a few bucks poorer. The link below evidences this point: Scam

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