Discount Boats in 2014 and How You Can Easily Find Them...

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Most folks don’t equate boating with savings, but they obviously haven’t taken a look at this years discount boats!

In fact discount boats is so lucrative right now that average savings run from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars!

Discount Boating Stats:

Savings so big, in fact, that it’s not uncommon to pay half the market value -- particularly in the auction sector.

I know this sounds like a bunch of hype.

So, consider some of these actual repo auction sales that have left the new owners cruising with fat wallets:

MARCH '09 Auction Stats

Discounted Boat

Final Bid

KBB Value


01 SportCraft 22' Cabin Cruiser




2000 Sunsation 28'




06 Rinker 25’ Cruiser




04 Crownline 18’




04 Monterey 27’ Cruiser




For more recent sales, check out the sales and stats page courtesy of Boat Auctions Direct.

Discount Yachts and Repo Sales Auction Stats

If you’ve equated cheap, bargain boats with a lower-end watercraft, think again! In fact, the bigger the boat, the bigger the bargain. These facts speak for themselves:

  • In 2008, the average cost of a new cruiser was $465,826. Meanwhile, the average used 2000-2008 cruiser hit open water for only $240,580!

  • A 40-footer can be had for $25,000 at a salvage yard, with repairs ranging from cosmetic to major. Across the gamut, however, the deals are a real steal!

  • The global economy has led to an influx of late model turnkey vessels -- many still fresh from the showroom -- with spectacular savings to be had. These deals aren’t always easy to find, and you will want to check out to get a head start. It’s the top resource for repossessed, distressed, and online sales of boats, not to mention a legit source to find local auction listings.

For more repossessed boats or yacht sales auction dates our RSS feed will keep you updated regularly.

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