"2014 Resources that Unveil Dirt, Cheap Boats for Sale...

This year will be a banner year to find dirt, cheap boats for sale. All those water toys financed back in 2006-20012 are being repossessed for 40-75% under market.

As evidenced in the video below, lender repos are reaching epidemic proportions. Banks are now struggling to figure out ways to quickly liquidate "non-performing assets". Watch the video below as this boat repo man tells all...

Click the link below to access the auction company referenced in the video:


Resources that we've hand picked this year were done in an effort to locate steeply discounted boats including cheap fishing boats, pontoon, power boats, parts and equipment.

The sources selected offer either an online database of asset auctions (including boat auctions) and/or reputable wholesale sources that liquidate boat respossessions via. national or local lenders as well as local and state held absolute (no-reserve) auctions.

Cheap Boats Resource Links:

Boat Auctions Direct offers one of the best resources for finding rock bottom, dirt cheap boats for sale.  This site simply scrapes, aggregates, and organizes yacht, pwc, rv, atv, and motorcycle auction sources that are listed on both a state and local level...including Canada. Any worth while Government, Police, salvage, lender, even dealer auction can be immediately accessed for locating online and offline auction resources.

WreckedBike.com is based in Oregon and in spite of its name this resource specializes in really cheap boats that are typically salvage boats. WreckedBike buys and sells wrecked or damaged motorcycles, atv's, trucks, and salvage motorcycles for sale as well.

AllmandBoats.com is a boat manufacturer based in Miami, FL. Boats are customized and go directly from the factory to the customer avoiding middleman mark ups. Boats are cheap but Allmand (owner/builder) has mastered the art of economically shipping boats accross the globe to your city, regardless of the location. Global shipping in most cases is only $28.00 per foot

GovAuctions doesn't offer nearly the depth that Boat Auctions Direct offers. But if you're looking for a wide or broad array of cheap assets for sale including boats, cars, suv's, equipment, machinery, computers, jewelery, etc. I can tell you as a member this Government finder resource is the most legit out there.

BoatAngel.com is an online based, non-profit church organization specializing in the processing of donated boats, jetski's and yachts. Boat Angel liquidates cheap boats for sale via internet auction sources, namely Ebay.

LiveBoatAuction.com is a cheap pontoon boats resource, including used 18-24' pontoon boats. Listings are auctioned off via. Ebay.

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