Top US Government Boat Auctions Exposed

(These are the ONLY legitimate sites you'll need)

Symbol of US Government Below I've posted a hard, fast but helpful list of several hand picked, US Government boat auction sources that I frequent.

Use them to peruse and even bid on steeply discounted boats, jet ski's, atv's and marine equipment.
I've been boat hunting via. auctions for 8 years now and have conceded my own efforts turning to Government boat auctions agencies and lender repos for some impressive 'steals'.

What I've done here is simply list the 'white hot' resources that I use to gain access to US Auctions including IRS, Customs, DEA, and statewide sheriff auctions...not to mention bank repossession sources as well.

US Government Boat Auctions and What You Can Expect

We all know that US Government boat auctions are regularly held by Government agencies at Federal, State, and Local levels. Everything and anything that can be liquidated is done so quickly and efficiently.

Of course we all tend to think our Federal Government only taketh but it sometimes giveth the form of must sell assets. Not because they care but simply because they don't have room and need money.

Which is why each month the US Government is forced to hold scheduled auctions to liquidate seized or surplus assets at discounted prices in order to make room for new inventory.

The stuff has gotta go too.

Confiscated assets tied to crime busts like cars, trucks, boats, cycles equipment, computers, and jewelery are just a few of the big ticket items that routinely show up at US Goverment auctions.

However, don't expect to find everything that some US Government boat auctions sites claim. I've been doing this for 6 years and for every police seized Stingray liquidated for $500, there's thousands of items that in my opinion are overbid or not worth the trouble of fixin' up.

But that rare gem is what keeps most auction enthusiasts sifting these auctions.

Finding a worth while auction source on the internet can take a lot of time as many "US Government boat auction sites" make outrageous claims and create a lot of hype without any real substance. . The few sources that yield worth while listings on a local, state and Federal level I've included below..along with a few that aren't worth a dime.

As I mentioned in the beginning if you want to take advantage of visiting hundreds of state and local auction lots without going through all the leg work of finding them yourself feel free to use the resource links below...

They represent several of the most prominent agencies.

Beginning With the Most Relevant and Asset Specific Resource...

1. Boat is this years 'holy grail' Government boat auctions/bank repo source for serious bargain shoppers.

Unlike any other auction sources it actively aggregates, organizes, then spoon feeds members boat, yacht, pwc, rv, atv, and other marine related auction sources that deliver. And the auctions are piled high and deep.

Since joining last February I keep watching repos come in. Even new boats are now being sold via 'short sale'. This is where banks agree to accept less than what the dealer's loan balance.

Who would have ever thought there would come a day when a marine dealer would get excited about offering you less than what he paid?

Anyway, Boat Auction Directs members panel presents that along with US Government Boat Auctions. Simply by clicking the "Government Sources" image, then your area, you're in. Its a real simple and laser like resource that weeds out what every other auction source throws in and brags about.

2. Government Auctions found at offers a few boat auction sources. But makes up for it with the vast amount of seized assets including cars, suv's, cycles, real-estate, jewelry, and a lot more.

If you were interested into finding discounted boats along with other assets then these first two resources would cover about every Gov't auction available within the U.S.

US Government Auctions makes some pretty brash savings claims which does happen but not as often as you may believe. The big claim here is a large or wide database of "3,000+ auctions nationwide". Again, true but that includes wide array of Gov't "asset" auctions that are comparable to items you might find at a garage other words a lot of junk to sift through. I do use this resource but it can be time consuming. The U.S. Department of the Treasury regularly auctions boats, autos, merchandise, and about every other imaginable police seized item. Sealed and open bid methods are all used. offers government auctioned surplus items. Everything from marine equipment to computers are liquidated at nationwide lots. Registered users (free) receive full access to these auctioned lots nationwide. General Service Administration is one of the most popular sources of Government surplus, seized and forfeited property. Check out the Boats and Marine Equipment section for related open auctions.


Here's a word to the wise:

A highly under rated source for US Goverment boat auctions are pay per membership auction databases

But be cautious when selecting one as some sources can be mere copy cats or outdated sources like this auction scam site. Take my word on this piece of work.

However, a legitimate pay per membership database will basically spoon feed you a credible database of updated auction sources that aren't highly publicized. The legitimate sources have research teams who regularly add and prune their large auction databases.

Many of these sources are little known sites that don't get the publicity as some of the bigger auction names like Ebay or Yahoo!. Ebay auctions are cheap. But I've found the same item for 20-40% LESS on some of the smaller auction sites.

With these smaller sites auction organizers simply can't afford to spend advertising dollars to publicize every item that's auctioned. This means that great deals quietly come and go often to those who just so happen to be in the right place at the right time.

I've found the advantage of the pay per membership sources is that you have a one stop database of thousands of government, online, offline auction lots that are neatly packaged according to state or territory.

There are a lot pay per membership online auction sites that I've wasted my time with. But a few I would pay the one time fee again and again as...

...a reliable auction source can be a real gold mine.

A quick way to determine if an auction site is legit. is to check if they have a customer service or suggestion option available or at least a way of contacting them for support. Sites that don't offer support just don't care about helping you when you need it.

Also a good auction database is updated. There are lots of auctions that come and go all over the country due to either seasonal inventory or sudden acquisition of surplus inventory. Beware of outdated auction sources. You'll get a lot of dead links in these sources. If they don't advertise an updated database don't expect one.

Check out as they have close to about every Federal, State, and Local auction available. Along with Boat Auctions Direct I regularly check out their auction inventory base for recent auction listings.

I live in Florida and have been able to find US Government boat auctions that offer various seized assets in the state of Florida that I was not able to find elsewhere.

Their online data base has the following types of auctions:

  • Auto auctions open to the public
  • Seized cars, boats and vessel auctions
  • Real estate auctions
  • Merchandise auctions
  • Nationwide foreclosures/HUD auctions
  • Online and offline government auctions sites

Govt Auctions has ultimately saved me hours of time from having to wade through Goverment auctions manually. Some agency sources are almost impossible to find online.

Once you have 5-10 reliable online auction sites you will want to frequent them as often as possible. Also be sure the sources you choose are within reasonable proximity as you'll want to eventually survey the item at the auction lot.

If you would like to suggest or even add a relevant US Government auction resource feel free to drop me an email with your suggestion.

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