"Yacht Auctions Have Revamped Pricing in 2016...Prepare to be Shocked...

Savvy shoppers are cruising boat and yacht auctions for their next yacht. Here’s why you should join their ranks

boat on voyage to auction This year it's yacht auctions vs. the dealer...so let's compare.

A yacht is a significant investment. When you're realizing a dream of owning a yacht you're no doubt prepared for the big price tag. After all, a luxurious lifestyle for the open water doesn’t come cheap! Or does it? If you haven’t checked out the deals found by shopping online yacht auction houses, you might be in for a big surprise!

Why Should I Shop Yacht Auctions?

If you’re a sucker for a high-pressure sales pitch or can’t resist that showroom sheen, then you’re going to love these advantages of shopping a yacht auction!

  • Incredible Bargains – When you shop online, you stand an excellent chance of finding a phenomenal deal. Whether you’re looking for good buy on a yacht in mint condition or plan to salvage a vessel that you could otherwise never afford, you’ll get it at a bargain.

  • Huge Selection – They don’t call it the “world wide web” for nothing! When you’re sailing through the now growing inventory lots at yacht auctions sites, the world – or any particular region of it you choose – is quite literally at your fingertips. If you can’t find what you’re looking for online, odds are pretty good that you can’t find it anywhere.

  • Instant Research – When a yacht catches your eye, it’s easy to quickly compare her to similar vessels on the market. A few keystrokes will lead you to her value and all of the information you could possibly need to know, including potential pitfalls of ownership as documented by the manufacturer or buyers of similar watercraft.

  • Budget Friendly – When the competition heats up, it can be difficult to bow out of an auction. But maddening as it might be, it’s still easier than resisting a high pressure salesman when he’s looking you in the eye and already mentally spending that commission. A faceoff with your computer is considerably easier to contend with.

While there is something to be said for getting up close and personal with a vessel before you buy, a reputable seller will compensate for the distance. Yachts up for online auction tend to be accompanied by thorough descriptions, particularly if there are flaws or damage to the craft.

You can double check by checking out it's background via. HIN#.

Whatever the condition of the boat, however, you have the option of asking questions. Most sellers, eager to get the best possible price, will be happy to assist you. The few who won’t can sell to someone else!

How Much Can I Save by Shopping Online Auctions?

The short answer is that you can save a lot. The more work you’re willing to do, however, the more you’ll save. While a brand new or barely used yacht is still likely to come at a bargain price through an online auction, a damaged or salvage vessel is likely to be a steal!

While the average savings across the board for yacht auctions varies quite a bit by the size, year, and condition of the boat, these facts tend to speak for themselves.

  • In 1998, a new cruiser sold for an average price of $254,365. By 2002 that number had catapulted to $367,505, and in 2008 buyers were paying an astonishing $465,826 per vessel!

  • While those folks were stroking checks for about $465,826 for that new yacht in 2008, online auctions were delivering for an average of $240,580 for model years 2000 and later.

  • For model years 2000 through 2007, cruisers measuring 30 feet in length or more were sold for an average savings of 47.7% off of the current appraised value of the boat during online auctions in 2008.

  • The mega yacht industry is cruising right along! In 1997, there were 241 yachts topping 80 feet in length under construction worldwide. By 2007, the number had jumped to 916!
  • •Do you DIY? Salvage vessels come in all skill levels. Recent sales include a handful of 40 footers for around $25,000 each.
  • U.S. boat sales dipped by an estimated 26% in the first half of 2008, in part due to high gas prices and in part due to the current economy.

All that to say, there’s no better time to find a great deal on a boat than now!

How Can I find Online Boat Auctions?

A search engine might seem like the most practical and obvious answer; however, you’ll rethink that plan once you see the results, which will number in the millions. Even if they were all good links, you’d still miss yachting season just trying to find what you’re looking for.

Fortunately, Boat Auctions Direct has done the work for you. The site has done a thorough job of compiling an exhaustive list of the best online boat auction houses, both nationwide and on a state by state basis. They guarantee that you’ll find a sale near you, including all of these:

  • Listings in your state
  • Bank Owned Repos
  • Government Surplus and Seizures
  • Distressed "on the verge of Repo" Owners

However, BoatAuctionsDirect.com is more than just a resource of yacht auctions and smaller crafts. They are also a complete resource for classified ads and salvage yards. Once you discover their network of state, government, and online auction sources, you can be sure of one thing: you’ll have an endless supply of Boats, PWC's, RV's, ATV's, Equipment, Parts, etc.

I found this site a bit interesting pricing where it compares yachts purchased at retail versus those purchased at yacht auctions. Good luck!

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