Used Boat Classifieds Reveals on the Verge of Repo Owners

Sifting through your local used boat classifieds section for boats and or equipment has proven itself a place to find motivated sellers as well as listings for boat sales and auctions.

Here's why however, I almost strictly use internet classified sites to find steals. Many sellers even dealers have inventory that they must sell. This is particularly true in this market.

One key resource that offers regional and local used boat listings is This site actually aggregates auction, used boat classifieds and bank repo sources specific to the marine and powersport industry.

Listings are updated and arranged according to state and region. A big time saver and really does a great job drilling down into a market that is especially growing in this economy.

As it turns out you find more price extremes via. used boat classified than you do online. The classified seller is usually a bit less price savvy than his internet counterpart.

It's not uncommon to see used boat owners who don't know or haven't researched pricing listing their boat and or equipment either well above or below market. Whereas internet sellers with a few simple clicks can get several local comparable prices.

In terms of off line selection, local newpapers, weekly trader publications are good. But, you probably will not find as good a selection there as you would online.

Find Discounted Boat via. Your Local Classified or Your Local Auction House too!

Regional and local boat auctions are listed online as well. I personally have had wonderful success with an online auction data base at For a one time-life time fee you can pick and choose through hundreds of auctions houses online within close proximity. Listings are updated frequently.

Unlike used boat classifieds, auction houses present real, motivated sellers. They have to liquidate their inventory. Anything from used boats and accessories, repos (repossessions), sherrif repo's, as well as other government seized assets are sold as-is.

I like the classified section but I love to find the steals at auctions. In addition to the above, I've also listed several useful and reputable used boat sources below:

Online Used Boat Classifieds for Sale! offers sellers free classifed listings for their used boat. Not a huge database since it's an up and coming site. The good news is that sellers listings are free and run 'till sold. Meaning there lots of regional and local sellers motivated to sell.

BoatClassifieds.US offers free classified ads used boat and equipment listings for sellers. Motivated sellers with a larger data base to choose from. has well over 100,000 searchable boats for sale via. owners, dealers, and even lending institutions. is another site dedicated to showcasing over 85,000 boats. Whether you're looking for a used lund boat, pontoon boat, or a crestliner, has a huge, respectable database to choose from.

eBay! is an often overlooked source for buying or selling used watercrafts. Ebay motors auction site is one source that enables you to buy cheap boats and equipment. Current stats show over 1 million motorized vehicles have been bought and sold. allows you to search through their database of over 90,000 new and pre-owned boats. has a very popular and user friendly classified section of new and used watercrafts. Highly recommended resource for prviate buyers and sellers. offers an updated and growing source for Federal, Regional, and Statewide auctions across the country. The onsite "Auction finder" will locate the availability of auctions in your area for free.

Auctionspass locates lots offering a broad range of assets (not as specific as and then categorizes them by state, giving members access to government seized auto's, computers, equipment, ATV's, marine auctions, real estate, and other must sell property items within close proximity. allows you to search for a wide range of boats throughout the UK and Europe.

This resource will be revised and updated as new sources come available. Please feel free to suggest any other relevant used boats info. or sources that may be of help to our readers.

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