"Bank Repo Boats NY: Where to Take Advantage of Repos in 2014"

Below we've highlighted notable sources where

bank repo boats NY are available for public bidding. There are a number of factors contributing to this recent surge of bank repo boats in NY as well as CA, FL, and MI. The most apparent are consumer debt (which has more than doubled in the past 10 years), wage reductions, and corporate downsizing.

The growing, new breed of owners are white-collar professionals who were victims of relentless downsizing.

Repo men are working harder than ever and have noted an increase in repossession activity in higher end, upscale neighborhoods. The growing, new breed of owners are white-collar professionals who were victims of relentless downsizing.

Former vice presidents, marketing managers, financial officers are among this new breed found in big cities especially New York. Layoffs throughout the state of New York have about doubled in recent years and folks who went into debt are only going deeper.

Many New Yorkers like many home owners across the country bought big homes and big toys tapping into their homes equity like an ATM. When the market turned and companies downsized many New York boat owners found themselves out of work and unable land even a similar paying job to keep things afloat.

The new wave of bank repo boats in NY along with other coastal line states are turning a lot of heads due to the significant savings compared to retail. NY boat owners in particular are noted for high-end, luxury type boats and private yachts.

Banks that get left holding the bag on these big ticket assets tend to move quick..sometimes for .30 to .50 on the dollar. Once a boat or any type asset is bank repossessed, the bank now finds themselves with what they call a "non-performing asset" on their books.

Banks sell loans not boats. In the end they will sell as fast as they are legally allowed often leaving the remaining deficient balance for the original owner to deal with.

"Finding bank boat repos NY city style is a matter of putting yourself in front of worthy local auction sources as much as possible. Most importantly, the knowledge as to where to find these reliable sources that liquidate repo or seized assets isn't as easy as you might tend to think."

The following links will consistently deliver liquidated boat inventory thus giving you a head start towards finding bank repo boats in NY as well as other neighboring states:

Relevant Links to Finding Bank Repo Boats in New York

Boat Auctions Direct has just joined the online auction ranks, with the distinct advantage of offering a laser like data bank of bank Federal Government, sheriff, and area wide auction sources.

Inventory includes bank repo boats in New York among other cities and states across the country, including Canada. Auction sources are organized allowing you to bid online, locally, statewide or nationally.

In order find the deals I have subscribed to about every member based auction site available; However, this website is the only resource I know that specializes or focuses their auction sources relative to boats, yachts, pwc's, rv's, atv's, motorcycles, etc. Definately worth a look..

Auctions International is located in Buffalo, NY, offers a growing auction database of live auctions throught New York state. Members can bid online for surplus merchandise from government and municipal agencies throughout the Northeast. They can be reached toll free: (800) 536-1401.

Maltz Auctions is a large, full service auction company based out of Plainview, NY. The company is one of the larges in the North East.

Auctions are held on behalf of the U.S. Bankruptcy Courts and Financial Institutions throughout the United States, The United States Department of Justice, The U.S. Government Small Business Administration, the I.R.S., Law Firms, privately held auctions and Corporations nationwide. Phone: 516.349.7022

American Auctions, Liquidations, & Appraisals is located in Commack, New York 11725, but also has offices nation wide. Just as their name indicates, AALA is also a large outfit that conducts 1,200 auctions annually. They predominantly liquidate inventory for lending institutions and government agencies throughout NY and across the globe. Phone: 516/631.777.7295

Read an example of how the bank repo boats process plays out and how you can benefit. Whether a reader or lender feel free to offer any recommended resources offering bank repo boats NY auctions.

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