Boat Auctions Direct Reviews

Boat Auctions DirectI've been a bargain boat shopper for almost a decade now looking for boats at auction that offer almost an instant equity purchase. That's how I currently utilize Boat Auctions Direct.

But, before I say anything about Boat Auctions Direct, I will say from experience that there has always been a need for a bargain boat curation type site that objectively gives boat buyers REAL bargain boats that are currently being liquidated...sort of like what does for finding cheap flights.

Until Boat Auctions Direct there's never been a hard fast way to find repo boats for sale. But, if you're willing to put up a little time and effort up front about anyone can buy a 25,000 Sea Ray for 15,000 or less and have maybe a little cosmetic work to worry about.

What I've found is most folks just don't have or are unwilling to commit a consistent amount of effort to comparing a specific type or manufactured boat they're interested in for a sustained amount of time.

However, as of recent Boat Auctions Direct has enabled boat buyers to commit a lot less time to finding salvage or bank repossessed boats at auction via. their organized data base of auction sources.

I'm not going to cover every detail of this boat auction site other than a brief overview of how it can help you save time and money on your next boat purchase.

Before I get into any details I will say that there are quiet a few Government or repo auction sites that do not offer any value at all. I've seen Government, Police auction sites that mainly sell jewelery or dated computers but hardly no boats to speak of. Other repo sites claim to offer repo boats access but it just a collection of classified listing in their database but you will NOT find bank repos...just owner and dealer listings?

With my Boat Auctions Direct reviews I was not expecting much more than the above. I surprised to see an organized listing of boat auctions sources catagorized by state, internet, classified, and salvage. Boat Auctions Direct is going through a serious upgrade to their search utility. They're adding some serious tools that will make it easier for members to pinpont the type, location, price, length, manfacturer of the boat or PWC that interests them.

In much the same way displays to searchers the best cost for their flight Boat Auctions Direct will do the same for a specific boat being searched.

The problem with sites like Boat Trader or, Nat'l Liquidators or other classified boat listing sources is that you're only looking at a limited inventory or you're looking at hundreds of thousands of of dealer / owner inventory that is akin to drinking from a fire hydrant. Whereas Nat'l Liquidators and other boat liquidation type sites have a very limited inventory heavily weighted towards high end yachts.

But what if you could quickly find and know what boats offer instant equity (without having to scour the hundreds of auction, classified, or boat salvage sites) that meet your specific interest? That's what Boat Auctions Direct helps its users to accomplish. It has some work to do to keep listings relevant. But it's a big time saver and only getting better. The term 'Boat Auctions Direct scam' doesn't apply here.

It does come with a small fee. As of the time of this writing the entry fee is a one-time $29.95 that's good for life. Once the site finished the upgrade my understanding is it will move to a $67 fee.

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