Finding and Assessing Damaged Boats for Sale

Below are a few quick links I've used to find damaged boats for sale online. When you find a damage boat you'll definately want a semi accurate assessment of the damage before proceeding.

As a word to the wise many damaged boats for sale will have sustained considerable damage that may not be so obvious, that is unless a professional surveyor assesses it's condition.

Often times boat destruction is under estimated or even goes unnoticed. A qualified marine surveyor that costs a few hundred bucks up front, could ultimately save you thousands.

Along with that you'll want to make a good judgment of the vessel's finished value anyway. That's were these guys are worth the nickel.. They'll you realize an unbiased assessment of the destruction, an estimated cost of repair, and then finally what you can reasonably expect the final value to be once the repairs are finished.

Find Damaged Boats for Sale Here: offers its members a resource that frequently aggregates auctioned or salvaged boats, pwc's, rv's, atv's, motorcycles, and marine equipment resources. Within their salvage sources directory are hurricane or insurance damaged boats for sale.

Once all the nationwide lender, Gov't, Online, and "must sell" sources are compiled they're organized by state. You can search any state for any type of boat. I always search adjacent and coast line states.

Canada is also included in the mix as well. This is a great value for your cost especially now that its a one-time, lifetime access fee instead of a monthly recurring fee that other sites try to slip in. now based out of Warwick, RI specializes in purchasing and sales of salvage boats, yachts, and parts under unusual sales circumstances.

GovAuctions offers a broad spectrum of assets via. their auction database. Their not as thorough as Boat Auctions Direct. I'm a member to both and don't miss anything. GovAuctions displays agency auction assets by state, region and locally as well. Agencies are routinely forced to liquidate police seized and damaged assets.

US Auctions sells hurricane destroyed boats, distressed, salvaged, and liquidation boats and vessels via. online auctions. is a friendly discussion forum whereby registered users share tips, advice, and other helpful info. regarding yachts and how and where to find damaged yachts for sale.

Plans4Boats is a new resource for all you DIY's. We're getting great feedback and reviews on these boat building blue prints. Daniel Holden is the architect and boat builder for 20 years. As of today (8/2010) he has disclosed 220 of his popular boat building plans for dirt cheap.

You can build anything from a small dory to you're own fishing or sail boat. Real quality plans applicable for any skill level.

As I mentioned above you'll want to be sure to get an accurate, pre-purchase assessment from a qualified surveyor. Along with that know what to expect cost wise for those repairs before purchasing any damaged boat.

A credible, experienced repairman will know and offer advice. Take special care if the vessel is older with a lot of hours and especially if it has sustained severe hull or interior damage to the point that such damage would negates any potential gain.

If you should have any other legitimate resources to add that would further help our readers, feel free to email those links for our review and possible inclusion.

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